Mahoney and Associates Services

Actuarial Services

Once an employer decides to be in a self-funded arrangement, actuarial certification of plan liabilities for financial statement purposes is mandated, as are COBRA and funding-level projections.

Our on-staff Senior Actuary provides clients with both cash and accrual actuarial funding reports, certified COBRA rates, signature ready 5500 forms and Summary Annual Reports for distribution. Our Actuary also works with our Health and Welfare Specialists in plan design and contribution modeling, conducting FASB reporting for retiree healthcare plans as well as preparing trust filings when needed.

Compliance Management/Advisory

Where ERISA welfare plans exist, plan sponsors are faced with a litany of regulations and rulings with which all plans must comply. And compliance is the employer’s responsibility, not the vendor’s.

Our compliance team, led by our ERISA attorney, provides regular and ongoing updates and guidance on plan documentation, new regulations or required implementation support in addition to IRS/DOL/ERISA, COBRA and HIPAA oversight.






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