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In today's world of acquisitions, mergers and divestitures, complex financial and legal arrangements can shift hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars in liabilities to either side of the ledger!

Because M&A has represented clients in both the acquiring and divesting modes, we've developed significant expertise in this area. Consistency and flexibility: both are critical to achieving success in mergers and acquisitions. Compliance requirements, benefits and compensation agreements - all need to be meticulously reviewed.

M&A provides…

  • Risk management assessment
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (procedures, controls, etc.) analysis
  • Non-discrimination testing
  • Data mapping and retention analysis
  • Documentation and notice compliance review
  • Filings audits (such as Form 5500)
  • Hidden “trigger events” (change of control provisions, impact on vesting of non-qualified plans, severance plan audits, etc.)
  • Employee status confirmation - (FMLA, USERRA, COBRA)
  • Corporate tax and accounting procedures reviews relative to all benefit plans
  • Review/analysis of all fiduciary controls

Our experts are prepared to assist in...

  • Cost/benefit analyses for all health and welfare programs
  • Conducting demographic analysis of combined employee population
  • Bringing uniformity to the new benefit offerings and practices
  • Reducing or eliminating liabilities attributable to the acquisition
  • Assuring new programs are supportive of the new corporate culture, strategy and mission
  • Assisting with employee communications & the new HR branding
  • Identifying administrative efficiencies
  • Providing compliance advisory services to identify hidden liabilities

Our on-staff legal and accounting professionals can supplement your team to assure that no unnecessary dollars are left on the table. Unknown liabilities can negate the profit in a transaction, or may even terminate an otherwise beneficial arrangement. M&A is committed to assisting your staff to avoid these potentially costly oversights.

Blending corporate cultures during and after acquisitions can be problematic. Our expertise in this unique area can be a valuable resource to you and your other professional team members.


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