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To optimize benefit/cost value, our Health and Welfare management teams work closely with client Finance and HR leaders to establish plan designs which are both cost effective and supportive of our client’s corporate goals. The Specialist continually evaluates the impact of plan funding and employee contributions to ensure corporate budget constraints are always in the forefront.

To maximize access and savings, the management teams conduct regular evaluations of networks and their discounts as compared to employee satisfaction and access.

We develop customized reporting for our clients to ensure their need for actionable information is met. From monthly reports that track plan performance to semi-annual strategic management reviews to verify plans continue to support client strategy, we convert data into useful information throughout every plan year.

In the insurance community, we have a reputation as fair but tough negotiators. Each year our Specialists market client programs to ensure the greatest value is being received and that risk is managed in accordance with our client’s objectives. Our relationships in the vendor market are long-standing and solid, allowing for smooth and successful ongoing vendor management.

Most importantly, we are our client’s advocate in the marketplace - placing ourselves between our client’s leadership team and the providers to their programs, making it our responsibility to manage those vendors on their behalf.

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